Allen Oliver


Retail Software:

Software Roles:

I have worked for a variety of software companies, game studios, freelancers, and open source projects. Over my time as a developer, I have gained skills in a variety of Game Engines and paradigms. Here are a few of the key places:

Atooi LLC:

I worked on an unreleased project for Atooi and the legendary Jools Watsham. This was a mobile title using Unity and was a mobile title. While I can't say much about specifics of the project, I was the sole programmer responsible for Gameplay scripting, architecture, editor tools, shader code, and iOS builds. The project got pretty far in development, but unfortunately for business reasons, it was put on hold.

Sharp Electronics Corporation:

One of my first High Profile jobs was for Sharp. I started at a small local company as a software developer, and during my onboarding process, the company was purchased by Sharp!


I worked on developing business solutions for clients, internal automation software, and development tools. The primary stack was .Net, but I was the only developer there with any experience in it. I developed web apps for companies such as Roger's Petroleum, Cox Disposal, and a few other small businesses. Some of these were frontend sites, but most were backend invoicing style applications. As far as internal software, I aggregated a lot of hardware data to build reports for techs to upsell clients. This saved many man hours, and this is still used by the business today. 


I am currently working contract developing admin dashboards and internal software for various clients, namely Sunnyland Farms. In my time here, I have implemented many different functionalities that were previously done on paper by customer service agents. Including, but not limited to, CRUD implementations for customers, prospects, orders, order shipments, and more. I have helped develop the database and keep the project architecture maintainable. The primary stack is .Net, but I do my fair share of Javascript and front end work as well.

Open Source and Hobby Software:

Development is a hobby of mine, as well as a job. I spend a lot of my free time learning and honing my skills. I am almost always working on some form of game demo, new renderer, or homebrew project. Here are a few I am proud of:

Speed Ball - (SEGA Genesis - Custom Engine) :

One of the coolest things I have ever worked on is a game for the Sega Genesis. I had to learn a lot about the way the Genesis hardware worked. To do this, I found a C library called SGDK that makes some of the more intensive parts of working with the hardware easier, and it allows you to script the game in C (in contrast to Assembler). In the end, I had a game engine that ran on the Genesis and I did two talks on the subject. The game is still getting slow updates, and I am working on a post mordem for it.

Only One - (GMTKJam - Unity):

This game was made in 48 hours for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam on It is a platformer where you have to gain the normal controls that are given to you in most platformers. You start out only being able to move tot he left, then you can move right. You gradually obtain all the normal platformer controls.


Cyclevania (Ludum Dare 41 - Unity):

This is a game that the Tri-Cities Game Developers  and I worked on. The theme of the jam was to combine two genres, and the two we settled on were racing and metroidvania (there is some shooting in there too). This game got a lot of good attention and was a hell of a good time developing. We even got the creator of playing it!


These are just a few of the projects I have worked on, and I am sure more are going to be added over time. Keep up with my github and itch page to see more!