Allen Oliver

After Image effect – Game Maker Studio 2

I have created a small asset for a project I am currently working on. This allows me to create a customizable after image trails with a single line of code.

After Image effect in my game.

This is achieved by calling a function f_CreateAfterImage(x,y,color); wherever I would like to create the effect. The effect works by creating an object that fades out behind the player, to put it simply. T

After Images are kinda a staple of platform games and after seeing the trailer’s for the new Record of the Lodoss War platformer, I couldn’t wait to get one in my project , There are a few uses for it so far.

  • Adding a trail for the player
    • this could be used to show a fast motion, or even a slowdown.
  • Adding some VFX for the coins
Coin After Image

I have uploaded a documented, easily implemented asset onto Itch,io for use in other’s games. Check it out below and use it for an After Image effect for your games!

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